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Is there any difference if I sign up with Facebook rather than with email?

No big difference for us, but it might be for you! The only reason we also ask for Facebook signup is to provide you a more accurate match and to prevent occasional awkwardness - like ending up on a Mixtable with your ex. We will never post anything lame on your wall. But again, if you prefer to sign up with your email, we guarantee it is worth the risk!

How will you match me?

To make great matches, we take a good look at education, age and tastes. We also have a fun personality test to complete for the best matching results. Our mission is for you to have a great night out, that’s why we schedule your Mixtable with someone you should definitely meet - personally!

How much does a Mixable cost?

Mixtable costs 15€ per person including a drink in the bar.

What does the price (15€ per person) include?

When you book a Mixtable, you are paying for one out of our many handpicked locations fitting to your tastes, a welcome drink and, of course, the perfect match for an awesome night out.

How can I pay?

You can pay either the full price for you and your wingmen or wingwomen (45€) or just for yourself. It is possible to pay both with credit card and direct debit.

With “first drink included” you mean I can drink anything I want?

You won’t be able to order a bottle of Champagne but of course you can order from the normal menu of Cocktails, Wines or Beers… and soft-drinks of course.

In which bar are we going to end up?

We have a selection of handpicked bars to choose from, and we will select just the right one for you. We will notify you the day before your Mixtable with all the details concerning the bar.

I can’t find two friends to bring with! Can I go alone?

Mixtable‘s magic is all about the 3 + 3 - two group of friends enjoying a night out in a cool bar. If your friends are really that shy, here is an incentive: if you invite them through our website you get 4€ off your next Mixtable.

What if I have to cancel?

You can cancel up to two days before the Mixtable. If something unexpected happens let us know as soon as possible. If we find a replacement for you, you pay nothing, of course. Otherwise, it's like missing a concert and your "ticket" expires. Remember that you are dumping 3 other people. Furthermore, you really would not want to miss this evening...