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The Social Club

Meet new people together with your friends.
Mixtable sets up epic nights out between two groups of friends. 3 girls and 3 guys.

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How it works

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choose a night that suits you and your schedule

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for a great Mixtable, bring great friends


We’ll match you - personally

with somone you dont know, but should

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we’ll tell you where, when, and the first round is on us.

Ready for an awesome night out?

Daily life is stressful enough. So why not take the time to relax with an evening of new people and new places on your next Mixtable.

We know the bars you'll love

Homely pub or fancy cocktail bar? The choice is yours when you sign up. Each bar has been tasted and tested by the Mixtable team so we know them like the back of our hand.

Not any old person goes on a Mixtable with you

We'll take care to avoid matching you with 'undesirable' individuals. A.K.A the ex boyfriend.

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